Eternergy highly trained electrical engineers can undertake testing and commissioning services to ensure your equipment and systems are safe and meet critical standards and specifications through the lifecycle of your project. Proper testing and commissioning of equipment and systems is critical to maintaining reliability for your customers. Through experience, training, commitment and active participation in industry organizations, we mitigate risk, maintain reliability and ensure safety through testing & commissioning.

Testing & Commissioning in India

Eternergy offers wide range of electrical testing & commissioning services in India of HV network assets of Transmission & Distribution substations, diagnostic testing service of incipient fault finding, root cause analysis of fault and on-site diagnostics services and to formulate the further maintenance plan or refurbishment strategy.

Testing and Commissioning Company in India

All our testing and commissioning activities are individually assessed and often the stringency of our testing exceeds the manufactures recommendations. All testing and commissioning activities will always be communicated and agreed before any work is carried out.
Full and comprehensive commissioning ensures you experience the least amount of issues during the lifespan of your equipment. It also enables future servicing and repairs to be made easier, with the use of up to date drawings and the backup of the previous testing and commissioning activities.

  • Scheme and function testing protection & control panels

  • Primary injections, busbars, and transformer stability testing

  • Transmission and Distribution systems testing

  • Outdoor switchgears testing

  • HV & MV switchgears & LV switchboards testing

  • Measurement of overhead line parameters

  • Control and relay panels testing

  • Performing on-load measurements ACDBS, DCBDS,

  • NER and RMU testing

  • Smart grounding measurements

Special testing

Eternegy uses state-of-the-art equipment to electrically test electrical power system assets. Our testing equipment utilizes unique test cards to perform special testing, which allows us to accurately store and transfer the data to our customers and generate detailed reports.

  • Central planning and management testing and maintenance

  • Testing of fault recorders and sequence of event recorders

  • Sweep frequency response testing

  • Dynamic contact resistance testing

  • Dissipation/power factor

  • Capacitance & Tan Delta measurement

  • CT/ PT analyzer testing

  • Electrical diagnostics testing

  • Partial discharge testing and measurement analysis

  • Universal recloser control test

  • Circuit breaker tests​

  • Transformer testing​​

Secondary testing

Protection relay & SCADA technology has advanced dramatically over the years offering the end user a complex array of features. Often relays will however only require a fraction of those settings to be utilised. Protection relays whether they are of the electro-mechanical or microprocessor type, they are precise measuring devices and require periodic testing to prove correct functionality.
Eternegy engineering power system protection team are conversant in industry market relays and modern & comprehensive testing methods to ensure the protection system is safe and secure. ​

  • Protection relays testing

  • Communication/protocol aspects tests

  • Goose functions testing of protective relays

  • Testing and calibration of energy meters

  • Installation, configuration of servers, networks, and equipment

  • TCP/IP, Ethernet network infrastructure

  • PLC, SCADA and HMI Testing/Commissioning

  • IEC61850, MMS, SV & IED scout GOOSE testing​

  • End to End testing